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I take pride in every wedding I officiate.  I custom write every service!
I am proud of the fact so many people are happy with my work.
I can provide contact information for every testimony below.

I did have a great wedding and I wanted to tell you that we did get a lot of compliments on the ceremony,. My cousin stated that it was one of the best wedding ceremonies she has been too, and Chris's Aunt plus 15 other people stated that they cried. :) So thank you so much for being a part of our day, and dealing with my anxiety.  The day went by soooooo fast and I wish that I could have it all back, I do have all the memories though.  Jamaica was amazing, the weather was gorgeous the whole time and we literally just sat around and relaxed the whole time.  I'm sure I will see you around though and keep in touch through FB, my sister and finance Coop, are planning on having you do their wedding :)

Thank you for everything!
Amanda and Chris 



Mark is wonderful to work with. He will make sure it is exactly the service that you are looking for. He never turns away suggestions and is always open to trying something new. This was our second marriage for both of us and Mark made me feel like a first time bride and his service had my husband and I thinking about our wonderful future and gave us a new look on certain things. I wish that Mark had his own congregation. Hiring Mark would be a HUGE plus to your wedding. And his price is perfect - if you feel he charges too much - you should attend one of his weddings:) I can't say enough wonderful things about him:)


Scott and Heather 


Just wanted to let you know that everybody keeps asking me where you know us from, and how on the nail you were with the ceremony!! Thanks again, it was perfect!!!

Anastasia T 



Mark immediately made us feel calm about our wedding day.  He brought up issues about the wedding that we never would have thought of.  His insight and sense of humor made what we expected to be a stressful process be very smooth.  He told us on the very first meeting that his goal was that no one would know that he had not know us our entire life.  We laughed about that on the way home.

He did in fact accomplish that!  I could not believe how well he personalized the service with such sincerity.  2 people not only commented on how he really knew us, but want Mark to do their wedding as well.   I would recommend Mark to anyone getting married!!!

Joe and Amy




We just can't thank you enough for being such a pivotal part of our 'big day'. You have such a STRONG gift of intuition....and we so much appreciate you honoring that gift by using it in such a profoundly important way. We are glad to know you


Darren and Lana 




Kevin and I can't even begin to thank you enough for everything you did for us leading up to our wedding day, and on the day itself. We still are getting comments on how great the ceremony was and how wonderful you were! Our wedding was a perfect day. You went above and beyond, and we will never forget that! Now that our friends are starting to become engaged, we don't hesitate to give out your information to them!  I hope things are going well, and thanks for keeping in touch!




I just have to say that I am VERY happy that we found you! When we met you said that you wanted to meet with us to come up with something perfect to say and .....YOU DID! Both Justin and I agreed that your eyes AND your voice relayed to everyone that you truly felt everything that you said. You nailed it on the head that's for sure! You are truly someone special and we thank you for sharing this day with us!




Thank you so much for the ceremony.  It was perfect.  I truly appreciate the time you took for the passages that you wrote and it fit very well. Many people thought you had known us for years.  It was very easy to talk to you about the ceremony and I enjoyed your suggestions.


Thanks again,



You did an amazing job. Seriously I appreciate it!  Everyone asked us how long we have known you!  You made our day very special! 




 Nicole and I as well as our family would like to thank you very much for administering such a beautiful ceremony.




Hi Mark! Thanks once again for marrying us on Saturday! Drew and I really appreciate you coming out to the walker art center! It was a beautiful place!

Jennifer D


Thank you for the wonderful service.  I can tell you really put a lot of thought into our family and the words you spoke were beautiful. I couldn't have put everything into words like you did. Thank you for sharing our special day and also thanks for helping me pull it off.  Best wishes to you and your family.


Gretchen and Kirk



 THANK YOU for the amazing ceremony you provided to us...what a day! The words were perfect, the tone perfect, the mood excellent. Exceeded all expectations! Please let us know if we can serve as references for you.

All the best, 

Dave & Ann




We really appreciate your services and we thank you for making our very special day a blessing. Mark, you did a great job officiating our wedding and we feel that Christ was reflected throughout the ceremony. We pray that the Lord will bless you and your family always. Keep in touch.

Best wishes, 

Jeff and Jenny



Thanks so much for doing our wedding, BOTH of our families LOVED you, and so did we!!!

Jo Ann and James




Mark!! Tyler and I can't thank you enough for all that you did for our wedding. We are so happy we found you!! The ceremony you put together was beautiful; I would not have changed a thing. I appreciate that you made sure we were okay with things every step of the way. Your sense of humor helped us to relax, have fun, and just enjoy the day! Thank you again!!

Tyler and Emily

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